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Tips on Finding a Unit

Once you receive your Housing Choice Voucher, you can begin your search for housing.

Places to check:

  • Newspaper classified ads
  • Thrifty Nickel
  • BC/ACHA bulletin board or listings
  • Property Management firms
  • Real Estate companies
  • Friends
  • Look around for “For Rent” signs in area neighborhoods
  • Online Housing Search at www.housingidaho.com

Assistance Locating Accessible Units?

The household may request from this agency a list of handicapped-accessible dwellings, which are known to the Housing Authority.

High Poverty Census Tracts:

Ada County has one (1) high poverty area that has been established through the United States Census Bureau.  The area is zip code 83702.  If you currently live in a high-poverty census tract, there are benefits to moving to an area that does not have a high-poverty concentration.  Some advantages include:

  • Increased safety in lower-crime neighborhoods;
  • Relocation from drug-trafficking areas;
  • Improved schools for children;
  • Proximity to jobs or job opportunities;
  • Better quality housing; and
  • More responsive owners

As you search for housing you should keep in mind:

Each household chooses its own unit, if it qualifies.

The overall condition of the unit and its neighborhood.

Whether the unit rent is reasonable. (Under the Voucher program we are required to advise you of our determination, and at the request of the household, assist in rent negotiation.)  By utilizing comparable rent statistics, BC/ACHA may disapprove an unreasonable rent.  What are the long-term impacts on your budget?

The cost of any tenant paid utilities and whether the unit and its appliances are energy efficient.

Click on the following text to go find the current Utility Allowance Schedule.

The location of the unit, including when applicable, proximity to public transportation, employment center, schools, medical and shopping facilities.

Barrier Free

Barrier Free

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