Meridian Homeownership Assistance

Assistance is available for eligible households to purchase a home in Meridian. This program is funded by the City of Meridian CDBG Program. Direct assistance may include:

  • Subsidizing interest rates and mortgage principal amounts to make loan payments affordable.
  • Paying any reasonable closing costs associated with the home purchase on behalf of the homebuyer.
  • Paying up to 50 percent of the down payment required by the mortgagee for the purchase for the purchase on behalf of the homebuyer.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Home Located in Meridian City Limits
  • First Time Homebuyer (within past 3 years)
  • Income Eligible (80% AMI)
  • Primary Residence
  • Complete Homebuyer Education Class
  • Loan Approval/Purchase and Sale Agreement

Household is responsible for securing funding and must invest a minimum of $500 from their own resources, not including gifts. Lender required to comply with generally accepted mortgage underwriting standards.

For more information, contact Jae' Etchart at or call (208) 287-1060. 

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Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Option

The HCVHO program is designed to promote and support homeownership by families that are participating in or have graduated from BCACHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program. Families who have been determined eligible have the option, if they meet certain additional criteria, to purchase a home and receive payment assistance towards their mortgage rather than towards their rent. This option is primarily designed for working families, however, elderly and disabled persons and families also qualify.

What are the main requirements in order to qualify for this program?

Applicants must be a first-time homeowner with a member who is a current participant (for at least one year) in the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program or who has graduated from the FSS program. Applicants must also have been a participant in the Housing Choice Voucher Rental Program for at least one year within Ada County. In addition, there are certain minimum income and employment requirements that may apply.

How do you apply for this program?

If you are interested in pursuing homeownership, you may call (208) 287-1060 or email to for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much financial assistance does my voucher provide?

The normal voucher payment standard schedule is used to determine the amount of subsidy. The housing assistance payment (HAP) is the lesser of either the payment standard minus the total tenant payment or the family’s monthly homeownership expenses minus the total tenant payment.

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