Shelter Plus Care (S+C) is a HUD-funded federal rental assistance program designed to provide housing and supportive services on a long-term basis for homeless people with disabilities (those with serious mental illness and chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs) and their families who are living in places not intended for human habitation or in emergency shelters.

Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA) currently contracts with homeless service providers throughout Idaho. BC/ACHA receives funding from IHFA as a subgrantee to administer the rental assistance in Region 3 of Idaho. Families pay approximately 30% of the individual/family's monthly adjusted income- and the supportive services are provided through Medicaid's Optum Network providers. These supportive services must be appropriate to the needs of the targeted population and aggregately matched in value to the amount of rental assistance.

IHFA's S+C program covers all areas of the state except tor Ada County. For more information, click here.

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2-1-1 Idaho CareLine is a free statewide community information and referral service that provides a comprehensive database of programs that offer free or low-cost health and human services or social services, such as rental assistance, energy assistance, medical assistance, food and clothing, child care resources, emergency shelter, and more.

Idaho's Self Rescue Manual

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Medically monitored detoxification and mental health crises: Allumbaugh House

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