Welcome to your Voucher Briefing Quiz

1. The initial term of your voucher will expire in how many days?
2. Who pays the Security Deposit for your unit?
3. When your income decreases, you must report your change in writing to your Housing Representative by the 20th day of the month to make the change effective for the next month.
4. You are required to report to BCACHA, in writing, any changes in family income or number of persons living in the households within ___________ days.
5. After you new unit has passed inspection, what do you do?
6. Visitors are allowed to stay in the unit for up to ______ days per calendar year.
7. If you want to move to another unit, you are required to give BCACHA any your current landlord, a written ________ days notice to move.
8. You must not receive _____________ at the assisted unit for any person not listed in the household.
Head of Household Name
Phone number