The Boise City / Ada County Housing Authority is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners who serve staggered, five-year terms. The commissioners are appointed in alternate years by the Mayor of Boise and the Ada County Commissioners. One of the commissioners is required to be a participant in one of our programs. The commissioners are responsible for establishing policy and approving the housing authority’s annual budget. They are not paid for their service.

Additionally, there are two non-voting student commissioners, high school students, appointed by the Mayor of Boise for a one-year term.


Appointed to the Board in December 2016 – Seat 4, Elected as Chairman November 2017

Born and raised in Idaho, Ms. Guglielmetti is a Senior Commercial Lender for Mountain West Bank. She holds an MBA from Boise State University where she also served as an adjunct professor for the College of Business & Economics. Her banking career spanned 24 years, first with First Security Bank, spending her last nine years as Vice President of Private Banking.  Later she became Vice President, Team Leader of Treasury Solutions for Bank of the Cascades’ Idaho Region. Ms. Guglielmetti worked 11 years at Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp., a nonprofit that develops and manages multifamily affordable housing.  As Executive Vice President and Director of Development, she managed over $125 million of affordable housing development, which preserved and created 1,224 apartment units throughout Idaho and Oregon.

From 2006-2013 Ms. Guglielmetti was on the Board of Directors for National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA).  Her roles included Chairpersons of the Federal Legislative Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, and Education Committees. She participated in legislative meetings with Idaho and other Northwest states’ congressional representatives keeping them informed of current affordable housing issues.  She is one of the founding members and past president of Idaho AHMA. She served in 2012-2013 as the Idaho Board Member Representative for Utah Community Development Finance Alliance (CDFA).  In 2008, Ms. Guglielmetti was awarded Oregon Housing and Community Services' (OHCS) Excellence Award for Preservation of Affordable Housing.

Ms. Guglielmetti joined The Cabin’s Board of Directors in 2017.  She was a member of Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation from 2010-2017, actively serving on and leading various grants committees.  Ms. Guglielmetti is a recipient of Idaho Business Review’s 2009 Idaho Women of the Year and Women’s and Children’s Alliance 2008 Tribute to Women and Industry. Her past community service includes the Mayor's Citizens Advisory Committee for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), Chairman of Salvation Army Advisory Board, Idaho Shakespeare Festival Board of Trustees, and other board positions in support of Treasure Valley’s local nonprofits.

Ms. Guglielmetti’s personal interests are varied, including outdoor sports, the arts and theatre, yoga, and jazz. She loves exploring Idaho and our country’s history. Most important to her is spending quality family time, especially with the grandchildren.

KENT ROCK, Vice Chairman

Appointed to the Board in March 2012 – Seat 1, Elected as Vice Chairman in November 2017

Kent Rock is a Senior Manager with Development Planning and Financing Group.  He retired in 2012 from the City of Boise having served there since 1981. In 1984, Kent was appointed City Treasurer, a position that he held until his retirement. Previously, Kent worked in the planning and development and banking sectors.

As City Treasurer, Kent oversaw the City’s banking, investment, debt management, collections, and purchasing activities.  He was a member of the City’s Deferred Compensation Administrative Board and was the first Chairman of the Employee Health Care Trust.

He served as president and on the boards of directors for the Idaho City Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officers’ Association, Idaho Public Risk Managers Association and the Association of Public Treasurers of the US and Canada.  He chaired the Committee on Cash Management and Investment Practices for Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada and was a member of their Advisory Committee to the US Treasury on Arbitrage.   He chaired the Investment Policy and Debt Policy Certification Committees of the Association of Public Treasurers.  He also served on the State Treasurer’s Investment Policy Advisory Committee.

Kent attended the University of Idaho and has a BA in Business Management from Brigham Young University—Hawaii Campus.


Appointed to the Board in October 2017 – Seat 2

Shellan enjoys real estate development and collaborating to solve interesting problems. She currently manages development and acquisition for Capital City Development Corporation as Project Manager of Property Development. She works closely with landowners and real estate developers to improve the city’s downtown infrastructure and expand public-private partnership opportunities.  She is passionate about enhancing the community and creating a more vibrant downtown.  Shellan is dedicated to incentivizing new investment and quality development on vacant or underutilized parcels within the urban renewal districts.

Prior to joining CCDC, Shellan worked for Idaho-based Pacific Companies, one of the country’s top-ranked affordable housing developers, as Manager of Housing and Sustainability Programs. She managed multi-disciplinary project teams and collaborated with public sector agencies to entitle, finance and develop high quality, sustainable, affordable housing for seniors, families, and homeless populations throughout the western United States. Prior to working at Pacific Companies, she worked in Montana for a statewide nonprofit affordable housing developer, Homeword, Inc., and with the Missoula Housing Authority. 

Shellan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana. She is a former U.S. Green Building Council board member, a certified USGBC LEED Green Associate, and an active member of City Club and Urban Land Institute. 


Appointed to the Board in March 2013 – Seat 3

President Associated Taxpayers of Idaho

Mr. Legarreta has a diverse background in both public policy and business management.  He currently serves as President of the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho (ATI). Founded in 1946, the ATI is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization to work on behalf of Idaho's taxpayers. Today, the ATI remains the only statewide association encouraging effective and responsible government through research and public education.

Prior to his role at the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho, Mr. Legarreta was the Director of Public Policy for the Boise Regional REALTORS® and Government Affairs Director for the Building Contractors Association of S.W. Idaho. In those roles, he advocated on numerous issues promoting housing and home ownership.

Mr. Legarreta began his career in public policy working for Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne as Executive Assistant and Scheduler where he coordinated staff, issues, and activities throughout Idaho.  Prior to his involvement in public policy, he was an entrepreneur starting an investment advisory firm and a chain of hair salons.

Mr. Legarreta holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration/Finance from The College of Idaho.

GARY MACHACEK, Commissioner

Appointed to the Board in October 2010 – Seat 5

Gary Machacek received a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho in 1974.  Mr. Machacek is a past member of the American Institute of Architects, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Smithsonian Institute and carries a current license to practice Architecture.  Mr. Machacek is currently a member and past president of the Boise Capital Lions Club service organization, a member of the Board of Directors for the Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority, a member of the Board of Directors for Luther Heights Bible Camp, and is a past member and past president of the Board of Directors for Community House, a non-profit corporation providing housing to the homeless in Boise, Idaho.  In addition to working for an architectural firm in Boise, he has operated his own architectural practice since 1982.

Prior to becoming an independent housing developer, he held several management positions at the Idaho Housing & Finance Association.  Major responsibilities included supervising the loan underwriting and construction of Section 8 subsidized multifamily housing projects throughout the State of Idaho, supervising the administration of approximately 3660 Section 8 Certificates, Vouchers, and new construction units, supervising the direct management of a 47 unit Low-Rent Public Housing Project for the Elderly, and developing new programs for low-income renters as opportunities arose, including a rental rehabilitation program and permanent housing for the handicapped homeless.  He was also responsible for the management of the low-income housing tax credit for Idaho.  The new construction projects financed included both those insured by private mortgage insurance companies and those insured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under the FHA 221(d)(4) Program.  In addition to this experience, he has personally owned and managed a small apartment complex in Boise since 1980.

Between the time he completed his education and worked for the Housing & Finance Association, Mr. Machacek was project manager for Design West Architects, Boise, where he was responsible for providing full architectural services for a number of projects including a 30-unit Low-Income Housing development in Glenns Ferry, Idaho for the Southwestern Idaho Community Housing Authority, Caldwell, Idaho.  While self-employed, he provided full architectural services to the Housing & Finance Association for the remodel of Shoshone Apartments, a 40-unit low-rent public housing complex for senior citizens in Kellogg, Idaho.

Since April of 1989, Mr. Machacek has been dedicated to developing affordable rental housing for lower income families and senior citizens.  Mr. Machacek has experience in housing design, construction management, state agency finance, Federal Agency finance and property management.  To date, he is the general partner of 25 low-income housing complexes for families and the elderly in Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming.  Mr. Machacek has operated as the owner, architect and general contractor in all of the projects.  All of the developments were primarily funded by USDA Rural Development who also provides rental assistance to the tenants.  Additional funding has been secured from the sale of low-income housing tax credits, Federal Home Loan Bank, HOME, Tax Credit Assistance Program, Tax Credit Exchange Program, Wells Fargo, and Key Banks.  Mr. Machacek had developed an in-depth understanding of USDA Rural Development and HUD Program regulations and requirements.

YVETTE ASHTON, Commissioner

Appointed to the Board in November 2014 – Seat 6

Ms. Ashton is a recipient of BC/ACHA services.

Ms. Ashton is a Benefits Counselor with AARP in Ada and Canyon Counties. Her experience and expertise include working with low and median income senior citizens and referring them to appropriate community agencies for assistance. Her work with the local senior community also includes providing resources at events such as the Saint Luke’s Fit One Healthy Living Expo, Age of Champions held at the Egyptian Theater, the Care Givers Conference held at Boise State University, and the Senior Scam Jams held at Boise State University and the Nampa Civic Center.

Ms. Ashton is a member of the Brain Health Planning Committee Board for Alzheimer’s and Dementia. As an elected Member of the Medical Care Advisory Committee in Boise, Ms. Ashton served as a representative of Medicaid recipients for two consecutive three-year terms.

Ms. Ashton received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Social Science with a minor in Family Studies from Boise State University in 2012.

During an internship with AARP Meridian in 2011, Ms. Ashton facilitated the 2011 Elder Abuse Summit & Exploration at Boise State University and authored and distributed The Idaho Simple Senior Guide; a comprehensive research guide to senior resources in Idaho with tips on how to access services. Additionally, in December of 2016, Ms. Ashton was awarded AARP’s “Caregiver of the Year” award for Idaho. This was in recognition of her caring for her parents and minor sister. 

Ms. Ashton was a co-author of the Idaho Price Guide to Long-term Care Insurance & Services for Senior Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA).

Before moving to Idaho, Ms. Ashton resided in California, and from 1985 to 1989 served on the Board of Directors of Alpha Tau Chi in San Bernardino, an agency that assisted troubled incarcerated children at San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall. She received recognition from California State Senator, Ruben S. Ayala, and an award from Juvenile Judge, the Honorable Patrick J. Morris, for her work with these children. She also received the Volunteer of the Year award from Chief Probation Officer Jerry D. Hill of San Bernardino. In 1984 Ms. Ashton served on the Board of Directors for Redlands Valley Rehabilitation in Redlands California where she assisted mentally challenged participants.


Mr. Fitzgerald was appointed to the Board in January 2011.

Ryan Fitzgerald is a principal of GSA Results and the manager of GSA Schedule and Proposal Development. Prior to joining to GSA Results, Mr. Fitzgerald previously served as the Director of the Washington, DC Office for the State of Idaho and Governor Dirk Kempthorne. During his tenure, Ryan successfully advocated for federal legislation, programs, and appropriations that were priorities of the Governor, the Idaho State legislature, and State agencies.

Preceding his work with Governor Kempthorne, Ryan was a Washington, DC Association Executive with the leading industry association dedicated to advancing electric drive transportation and sustainable mobility. Ryan played a key role in the passage of federal tax credits for early adopters of electric drive vehicles and championed the promotion and launch of the first hybrid vehicles in the United States. He played an integral role in the public acceptance and government procurement of this cutting-edge technology. Ryan has also worked in the office of United State Senator Dirk Kempthorne on issues ranging from education and public lands to telecommunications and commerce matters. In addition to his work on Capitol Hill, Ryan worked as a legislative consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton focusing specifically on the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee.

Mr. Fitzgerald graduated from Washington State University with a degree in criminal justice / political science. He is an experienced public affairs, communications, and government relations professional with a diverse background, which includes that of commercial construction and mechanical engineering having grown up in the management of his family’s mechanical engineering firm.

GRACE JOHNSON, Student Commissioner

Appointed to the Board in August 2017.

Ms. Johnson applied for a student commissioner position during her junior year of high school because of her passion for politics and the improvement of the community. As a natural leader, she has already developed a keen awareness of the need for young people to be intimately involved in government, and she felt a commission position would be a great place to start her involvement. 

Ms. Johnson has a deep interest in human rights and dignity and is an honors student at Boise High. She is keenly interested in writing, choir and theater. “By showcasing the arts and history of various cultures, we are able to open people’s eyes to understanding and respecting things that are not their own.” She has also served the homeless population in San Francisco during a church mission project. 

TAYLOR HARRIS, Student Commissioner

Appointed to the Board in August 2017.

Ms. Harris already has an impressive resume that includes many examples of volunteerism, work-ethic, and concern for her community. As a junior and an honors student at Borah High, she has established herself as a motivated and dedicated student. Communication skills are a focus in her choice of interests, and this has enabled her to relate well to her peers, adults, and children. She volunteers regularly in her church activities with children and with adults at the Boise Rescue Mission. 

Ms. Harris also understands the importance of youth involvement in the community, realizing that today’s decisions of leaders will affect the decisions and outcomes of tomorrow. She applied for a commission because of her heart to serve people in need. She considers herself open-minded, willing to hear all sides and enjoys educating herself on the issues at hand. 

Other interests that she is passionate about include hiking, walking, biking, nature photography, volleyball, symphonic and pop orchestra and Spanish. She is fast to contribute and is willing to help where needed, a dedicated participant with a desire to learn and grow.

Meeting Details

The board normally meets at 4:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month at BCACHA’s Administrative Offices (1276 W River Street, Suite 300, Boise) unless there is cause to convene a special board meeting.