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The impact of the partial government shutdown on housing programs through the Boise City / Ada County Housing Authorities:

The Boise City and Ada County Housing Authorities remain open during the government shutdown and will continue to provide all services as planned for our participants, employees, and vendors. As you may know, a government shutdown occurred on Saturday December 22nd due to Congress’ inability to approve a federal budget or to extend the Continuing Resolution. Since the majority of our funding comes from the federal government, the shutdown could have a direct impact on our Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs. We have recently been informed that HUD has enough money to ensure that housing assistance payments through February 2019 will be made available.

Recent local media reports give more insight into this concern. Please read the article in the Idaho Press by Margaret Carmel of January 22, 2019, Section 8 housing assistance only funded through the end of February and watch the news report from KTVB News of January 16, 2019, Government shutdown could impact housing assistance.

Housing Authority staff are regularly contacting their congressional representatives and encourage concerned local citizens to do the same.